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Winery tanks

After the Storm

After the madness of the 2015 harvest the month of December in the winery is relatively relaxed. All the wines...

userAlex McNair
Roberson event - barrel room

Roberson Wine tastings and events

Since the closure of its Kensington shop, Roberson Wine (our sister company) have hosted their engaging programme of events in...

userAlex McNair

Christmas delivery

With the big day fast approaching we want to make sure that you know exactly how things will work with...

userAlex McNair
xmas 15

Christmas 2015

The Venue/ It’s (nearly) the most wonderful time of year. London’s first and only winery, a truly unique setting in...

userAlex McNair
Sunrise in Puimisson

2015 vintage – Part 3 – Three down, three to go

Apologies for the radio silence, as you can imagine, things have been a little bit hectic here at London Cru...

userAlex McNair

2015 vintage – Part 2 – Pi(no)t & our Spanish love affair

July was a month of good news for London Cru. We successfully completed the bottling of our 2014 wines following...

userAlex McNair

2015 vintage – Part 1 – A flying visit

At the beginning of what proved to be an absolutely scorching week in the UK, Gavin and I headed down...

userAlex McNair

Wine Australia May day BBQ

On the 17th May we will be hosting a May day BBQ for Wine Australia in memory of Yvonne May....

userAlex McNair
Bottling line

Bottling, blending and beyond….

The time between the beginning of March and the end of April appears to have elapsed at an unprecedentedly rapid...

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Winery latest

Spring always seems to breathe positivity after the long winter months. The weather gets warmer, the day’s get longer and...

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Book an Event as a Gift

If you are struggling for something for the wine-lover in your life who already has a cellar full to bursting...

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Take Our Wine Quiz

We've put together a short wine quiz to test your knowledge. Good luck!

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Wine Car Boot

London Cru Is Going On The Road

Spring is here and soon we’ll be bottling our 2013’s, so we thought it was time to get out there...

userBen Greene
London Cru Barrel Sample

Be a Winemaker for a Day

One of our main goals here at London Cru is to make wine approachable to everybody. You can, of course,...

userLisa McCaghy
Gavin Conducting a Tour

Our First Tours

We’ve been open to the public for little over a month now and it’s been quite exciting here at the...

userLisa McCaghy

Where We Are Now

Last Monday, our last load of grapes, Barbera from Piemonte, arrived at the winery and we got to work. The...

userLisa McCaghy
Sauvignon Blanc Destroyed by Hail

A Difficult Decision

Late yesterday, we had to make the very tough decision to turn down seven tonnes of grapes due to come...

userGavin Monery

Video – Our First Grapes Arrive

Last week our first shipment of grapes arrived. Watch what happened right here.

userLisa McCaghy
Processing the Syrah

The First Week’s Crush – Chardonnay and Syrah

My first week at London Cru was action-filled, to say the least. When I applied for the job of Events...

userLisa McCaghy
Gavin at Corneilla's Syrah Harvest

Harvest Time at Château de Corneilla

Last Monday and Tuesday saw Gavin in France to oversee our very first harvest at Château de Corneilla, working in...

userAdam Green